On our way, taking with us the experiences we have gained in the “healing world of plants” in which we have been involved for many years; We decided to continue by producing herbal food and cosmetic products. In this magical and healing journey that we embarked on many years ago, our principle since the first day has been “not to produce any unhealthy, poor quality products that we and our children cannot use with peace of mind, and not to offer them to our people”.

In our facility, which we have established with great care in line with this principle; we produce herbal and fruit teas, herbal fixed and essential oils, herbal pastes, syrups, capsules, tablets, various supplements and herbal dermo cosmetic products.

We carefully select all of our raw materials and packaging that we use in production and turn them into products. We also have our products, which we control at every stage of production, tested in Accredited Laboratories and confirm that they are in compliance with all laws, communiqués and regulations of the relevant ministries. With the special codes we give to our products, it is clear that each product is produced on which day, on which date, on which line, by which personnel, with the raw materials from which supplier. until we can watch it. In addition, we ensure the safety of our consumers and the reliability of our products by preventing the copying of our products with the Secure Product Inquiry System, where we assign a different code to each product with an alphanumeric system. We do not apply the quality systems applied in the world and in our country, but in reality. Apart from our brands, we also produce products with the same care and quality as their own brands for our distinguished customers, who prefer us from home and abroad, where our understanding of quality intersects. We bring together the healing that comes from nature with consumers at distinguished points that “care for quality and human health”.

As LACINIA HERBAL PRODUCTS, our journey in the healing and magical world of plants; With the power of trust and satisfaction reaching us from our valued customers and consumers, we will always keep our quality at the highest point.

We have also diversified our products. We have produced hair and skin care products with our 1-year R&D work. Our skin and hair care products have been prepared with special formulas for hair loss, dandruff, psoriasis-eczema, damaged hair, anti-wrinkle and stain problems, and are prepared with special formulas. presented.

Being beautiful is a privilege. With Love, Respect, Health, Healing.